Parking Lot Maintenance in Sacramento and Northern CA

Parking lot maintenance should be done regularly to avoid costly milling and overlays or full out removal and replacement.  We seal longitudinal and horizontal cracks with a hot rubberized material that works its way into the asphalt and seals the surface from water intrusion.  It’s a good idea to get your cracks filled before sealcoating the parking lot, or it can be done in the winter moths when the weather is too cold for sealcoating but will protect your asphalt until you can seal it the following Spring and Summer.

We also provide many services for filling potholes, cutting and patching depressions, fixing root damage, replacing areas damaged from excessive oil spills, and replacing areas that are alligator cracked.  Call us today to find out which solution is the most cost effective for your property while providing the best results.

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We remove all forms of vegetation growing out of the cracks and potholes with a heat lance or torch. Use a crack cleaning machine, sweeper, blower, or power broom with stiff bristles to clean off loose debris and sand.

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For a temporary fix, Gator-Patch can be applied to the surface which forms a durable skin that seals the surface. Compared to the cost of overlaying or completely replacing damaged asphalt, a Gator Patch is much less expensive. This easy repair process allows you to have your repaired areas traffic-ready in 2-4 hours, given favorable conditions. Once Gator Patch is cured, the patch seals the asphalt against water and chemicals, even in low-lying areas and dips where water collects. It withstands any climate once cured.

For a permanent fix we recommend saw cutting out the alligatored area, removing the existing asphalt, reworking the road base, and laying fresh hot mix asphalt. Replacing areas of your pavement surface will provide a long-term solution that will last for years especially if it is then sealcoated over. We can provide you with an estimate to replace affected areas including drive lanes, parking stalls that have eroded due to excessive oil spills, root damaged areas, and drainage casings.

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Potholes may result from four main causes 1. Insufficient pavement thickness to support traffic during freeze/thaw periods without localized failures 2. Insufficient drainage 3. Failures at utility trenches and castings (manhole and drain casings) 4. Pavement defects and cracks left unmaintained and unsealed which admit moisture and compromise the structural integrity of the pavement.

For larger potholes we recommend replacing the asphalt. To do this we saw cut out the affected area, rework the base rock, compact the ground, and replace the area with hot mix asphalt.

Potholes can grow to several feet in width, though they usually only develop to depths of a few inches. If they become large enough, damage to tires, wheels, and vehicle suspensions is liable to occur. Serious road accidents can occur as a direct result, especially on those roads where vehicle speeds are greater.

Depending on the size of the pothole we recommend two different solutions. For smaller potholes we recommend you patch them with a durable cold patch repair called Aquaphalt which is backed by a three-year warranty. Aquaphalt is eco-friendly and uses a binder that reacts and hardens with only water and does not use any toxic solvents. It minimizes roadway disruption with no need for special preparations.

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