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Many times, funding isn’t available in the current budget year to make improvements to your property. In planning for the future, the best practice is to get your property estimated for potential liabilities and repairs that need to be done in the next budgetary period. But what happens if there is an injury on your property due to trip hazards and damaged sidewalks before you can make the identified repairs?

In order to protect yourself from claims of negligence, we offer free certificates of inspection for your property that state you are aware of the potential liabilities on your property, and that you have budgeted to fix them within a reasonable time frame. Make sure you are documenting that a safety inspection has been completed on your property with our proprietary CERTIFICATE OF INSPECTION. This can be used in defense of any potential injury claims again your property.

Yes. Any public access point where clients, customers, patrons, or future tenants need to park to get access to your public service need to meet current ADA guidelines

Yes. Compliance is not only the landlord’s responsibility. Both the lessor and lessee are responsible for the accessibility of a facility’s public areas.

Any common walkways that are private or open to the public should be regularly maintained for trip hazards over ¼ inch in height. In addition the path of travel from ADA parking to your place of business needs to meet standards.


A site survey by a Certified Access Specialist


Advise on how to correct any violations found


Tax forms to file for tax credits and deductions


A detailed report listing any violations found


A detailed report listing any violations found


An official CASP Certificate of inspection