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Over the past 20 years Sidewalk Safety has had the privilege of working with over 1,000 individual clients in Central and Northern California. Throughout that time, 75% properties we have worked with have requested us to come back because of our professionalism, standard of care, and quality of work. Multi-family, HOA, apartment complexes, and condominiums are our primary focus. We also often work with small businesses that need ADA improvements, and homeowners that need sidewalk or driveway repairs and replacement. As your needs change we will be there by your side, ready to help make the changes to your property that you see fit.

We pride ourselves on being a family business and hope you feel like you’re part of our family as well. For our top 15 property management partners, we have completed at least 30 projects each, and with the top three averaging 120 completed projects. Even if we perform an entire scope of work for you today, sidewalks shift and change over time and require regular inspections to make sure that trip hazard liabilities haven’t developed. The recommended practice is to walk your property at least every 30 days to make sure that there are no dramatic shifts in the integrity of your walkways. Trip hazards, faded line markings, and curb paint take a while to develop so they can be addressed with routine inspections, but if you have any immediate needs such as a ramp installation for a REAC inspection, please let us know and we will make you a priority.

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navigate through the changing landscape of ADA regulations by performing annual property inspections and receive a certificate of inspection to provide to your insurance companies stating that you are current with all regulations and are void of potential liabilities. Sometimes it’s just nice to have a fresh set of eyes on your property to offer any suggestions on how you could improve the safety of your common areas, sidewalks, and parking lots.