Concrete Removal & Replacement in Sacramento and Northern CA

Sidewalk areas that have been sufficiently lifted by roots cannot be ground down and need to be replaced for a variety of reasons. Some sidewalks or concrete pads can be raised on one side causing a dangerous cross slope. Others have large lifts that have been ground too many times. Concrete walkways can also sink causing cracking and low areas that trap water becoming slipping instead of tripping hazards.


We use many different types of equipment when breaking up existing concrete and are versatile enough to bring in heavy equipment such as stump grinders, skid steers, and excavators when needed, or can work delicately around utilities with hand tools.

We saw cut both concrete and asphalt surfaces leaving long straight lines that give your property a clean and uniform look.

All materials are hauled off the property and we leave the work areas looking tidier than when we started the project.


If irrigation lines typically run parallel to sidewalks and get caught up in the overgrown roots from the trees that are lifting the sidewalks. While excavating the ground they are often times in need of replacement due to being cracked from roots or are unavoidably damaged.

We have extensive knowledge in fixing these lines and can repair any situation without having to call in landscapers or maintenance crews.

Sidewalk Safety

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