ADA Compliance in Sacramento and Northern CA

Is Your Parking Lot Up to ADA Compliance?

Making sure your building is accessible to all is important for ADA compliance. There are accessibility upgrades that you can make to ensure your building is ADA-compliant.


A simple upgrade you can make is repairing sidewalks and parking lots. Filling those cracks and potholes will ensure your customers are safe and avoid injuries.

Another thing to consider is curb ramps if they are not in place. The space between your business and the parking lot must have ramps.


Facilitating entry into your building is the ADA’s top priority, which means that you need to consider people with mobility issues. If your front door is not level with the ground, you’ll need to build a ramp. Most businesses choose concrete ramps due to their affordability and durability. There are many ADA standards, so working with a contractor who specializes in these upgrades can make all the difference.

Sidewalk Safety

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