Sealcoating in Sacramento and Northern CA

Give your asphalt the protective make-over it deserves by applying a fresh coat of sealer. Sealcoating brings back the beauty of your asphalt and creates a barrier that protects your pavement from direct exposure to the elements.  Sealcoating the surface of asphalt creates a waterproof film that prevents moisture from seeping into the foundation.

Our experts can determine which application method is best for your property depending on the condition of the asphalt.  When properly and regularly applied, sealcoating can double the effective life span of asphalt.  We use the highest quality asphalt emulsion sealcoat product that will last for years and protect your assets.  Call us today to get an estimate on sealcoating your parking lot or community.

Squeegee Application


This application method is used for surfaces that are rough due to excessive wear and raveling. The squeegee application method fills in the voids in the asphalt surface including smaller crack and depressions. It is also used in communities where there are tighter spaces and covered parking stalls


This application method is best for large open smooth surfaces of either newer asphalt or for lots that have been frequently sealed. The squeegee method on smoother surfaces tends to leave a thinner film rather than a full thickness application. By spraying smooth surfaces more material is left behind and provides a beautiful uniform mat like appearance.


This application method is best for larger communities and residential or commercial parking lots. Buggies are recommended for business and multi-family communities that want to be able to open up to traffic as soon as possible with the least amount of inconvenience to their clients and residents.

With constant exposure to the sun, bitumen (a tar-like substance used as binder that holds together the aggregates in asphalt mixes) slowly evaporates, while leaving behind the aggregates that loosen over time.  These small loose rocks, called raveling, can cause damage to windshields and create a substantial mess in your parking lot.  Oxidation leads to more extensive damage over time but can be prevented with a regular sealcoating regimen.

Oxidation gives asphalt a faded and grey like appearance that indicates it is becoming brittle as it dries out.  Unfortunately, the fading is often uneven, which means that some sections might appear darker or lighter than others, making the surface of your asphalt look unsightly.  You will also start to see loose aggregates and a roughening of the surface.  Once surface rocks are lost they cannot be put back, but sealcoating can fill in the voids to make a smoother, more uniform, and appealing appearance.

Sealcoating is a preventative maintenance practice that should be done every 3-4 years depending on the condition of the asphalt.  While sealcoating will fill in small voids and cracks it will not rejuvenate or restore the bitumen and binding oils to your asphalt surface, but instead seals them in to prevent further degradation.   Sealcoating should be done before your asphalt surface begins to oxidize which can double the effective life of one of your property’s most valuable assets.

Before and After Sealcoating
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